Monday, 3 June 2013

The Runaway Hug in Japan

It's always very exciting when one of your books finds a publisher overseas. Last week the Japanese version of The Runaway Hug arrived on my doorstep.

The covers of overseas editions can vary from the original, sometimes quite a bit! Countries have different aesthetic values, or the market calls for a different approach. (See the Korean cover below, with bright yellow hearts for added appeal...)

The Japanese version is a lovely edition of The Runaway Hug, with a different image on the cover, a snazzy dust jacket and a fabulous picture on the back. Thumbs up to the Japanese designer!

I particularly like the title font.

And a friend sent a photo of the book in the Kinokuniya bookshop in Tokyo. Thanks Owen!

The Runaway Hug can now be found in Japan, Korea, the United States and Canada (in French and English). Here's the Korean version, sporting some yellow hearts!


  1. Dear Freya,
    Congrats!! A Japanese version looks very nice. Lovely title font that makes me smile(as I understand them all).
    Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Dear Freya,
    I am a big fan of your drawings!
    I make art installations and does accessory design in Japan, and a friend wrote a book and wanted me to do its illustration. It is my very first attempt and it is difficult! Your drawings are my inspiration! Thank you!
    I hope I can do a good book...
    All the best!
    I will be checking out your blog every now and then!