Friday, 13 July 2012

The Post Deadline Clean Up

So I've FINALLY finished the drawings for The Treasure Box, written by Margaret Wild. After every job my studio is pretty bad, as I've mastered the art of resisting the temptation of cleaning as a form of procrastination. But after this job it was abominable! So today I started cleaning the space that had once been my studio and along the way I discovered...

my studio:

scattered remnants of The Treasure Box:

and these strange little colourful pellets:

These were found in an old box of my grandfather's brown drawing pencils (but are shown here in a match box) and are in fact the excrement from the family of cockroaches that inhabit my studio and eat from my paint palette. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Terrible Suitcase Alights

The Terrible Suitcase, written by Emma Allen, has landed in stores around the country. 

The Terrible Suitcase is about a young girl's first day at school. Keen to fit in, she has asked her mum for a red backpack with yellow rockets and a silver zipper as a going-to-school present, but instead gets a terrible, old suitcase. Of course, the suitcase saves the day and becomes a special and much loved object.

In a brief reprieve from the torture of attempting to finish a job during school holidays, I thought I'd post some of my favourite images from the book. For lovers of endpapers I have included a photo of the endpapers of this book, showing a diagram of our solar system with the red suitcase spinning through on an eccentric orbit. 

A big congratulations to Emma Allen on the publication of her first picture book!

This is the first published image of my whippet Pivot.